Natural Frequency's Versa-Hub Series is an all Steel constructed kit for use with timbers or lumber. Designed for strength and aesthetic, the Versa-Hub kits are excellent for use in glamping or short term rental structures, greenhouses, and events or weddings

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Simple Assembly

Using straight cut lumber in prescribed color coded lengths with preassembled Versa-Hub hardware creates a fast and intuitive dome construction


Aesthetic Elegance

The Versi-hub is the only high strength dome solution that offers performance and dashing good looks! Don't settle for metal pipes with flattened ends stacked together relying on a single bolt to hold it all together


Scalable Versatility

Pick your diameter, cut the prescribed lengths, assemble brackets and frame up the dome. Utilizing only two types of parts, the complex angles are magically simplified, greatly reducing the time and thought needed to create a dome of your own.