2v- 2" Pipe Geodesic Hub Kit

This Heavy Duty (HD) version of our 1.25" kit adds to it by increasing the pipe size and the hub material thickness to 1/4", greatly increasing the strength and still allowing you to quickly assemble a 2v geodesic dome frame using standard 2" PVC or Galvanized pipe up to a 26' diameter for use as a green house, equipment storage, shed or more*. Pipe NOT Included.

- 15 Pre-assembled Hub Connectors

- 1 Un-assembled "Keystone" Connector*

- 10 Pre-Assembled Base Row Connectors
- Dome Layout Plans
- Construction Manual
- Fastening Hardware




*Keystone connector used at the very top to complete the dome.

2 Frequency HD 2" Pipe Geodesic Dome Kit
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