Versa-Hub3 - Medium Domes
  • Versa-Hub3 - Medium Domes

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    Part of Natural Frequency's Metal hub collection, the Versa-Hub technology allows for the construction of a high strength lumber or timber based geodesic domes with a decorative design that adds to the aesthetic unlike any other dome hub kit in the world!


    Our unique design allows for straight cut lumber, no complicated angles or math required and is made from high strength carbon steel alloy. The Versa-Hub3 is our medium size kit utilizing our universal parts. The recommended sizes for a Versi-Hub3 is between 12-36 ft in diameter and will produce low, standard and tall sphere shape options.


    Includes (Varies with Kit):

    240x-330x Upper Strut Brackets

    240x-330x Lower Strut Brackets

    46x-61x Hub Cores

    15x Base Brackets

    Assembly Hardware


    Requires 2x4 lumber.

      PriceFrom $5,990.00