Site Preparation

When choosing a site where you would like your dome to be constructed, keep the following things in mind:

  • Sun Exposure/Shade Considerations based on dome use/function
  • Water runoff
  • Grade angle
  • Window Locations

Clear the area of rocks, foliage, grass or any other item that may interfere with leveling the ground or the functionality of the dome


Some options for site preparation and anchoring methods


Riser Wall

The most commonly used with 2v Domes to help get extra height near the perimeter, a riser wall is a simple framed wall that the dome then gets built on top of. It makes framing in doors easier and depending on the height gives vertical walls for mounting to or placing things against.



Crushed Stone

A crushed stone base, 4-5″ deep, is one of the best ways to prepare your site. Be sure and use “crushed” stone as opposed to “pea” stone. 1/2″ is a good diameter and is relatively inexpensive. Place your dome in the center of the pad leaving a minimum of 1′ perimeter of stone around the shed. When digging out the area to accept the stone, start at the lowest area and establish the grade by digging down 4-6″. You can now excavate the rest of the site keeping in mind the site should be level when finished.


Sono Tubes

Also known as concrete piers are great for a strong anchor


Wooden Post

Typically 4x4 posts placed in the ground, this method is a great way to provide a strong structure that is easily framed to. It is important to use pressure treated timbers for the posts.


Cement Slab

A cement slab is one of the more expensive ways to prepare your site, however if done correctly it can also be the best. A slab will keep the dome level and prevent grass and weeds from growing both under and around it. It also offers many options for anchoring the dome.



You may also decide to simply place your dome directly on the ground. It is important that the shed has pressure treated timbers used where there is contact with the ground


Prepare the site and install anchors using recommended processes depending on method chosen