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What is the difference between the 2x4 and 2x6 kits?

The 2x4 kits include a hub connector on the outside of the dome structure only. The 2x6 kits are considered heavy duty and utilize a 2x4 set of connectors and add an inside connector which is fastened to the outside creating a very strong option.

Can the hubs be used to make a home?

What are the Poly-hub connectors made from?

The Poly-hub series connectors are created from UV stabilized ABS plastic. The process in which they are made is that of thermoforming also known as vacuum forming. The thick ABS sheets are heated until pliable then placed over a form. Once over the form a strong vacuum is applied which removes the air and draw the plastic sheet to the form creating the desired shape. This creates a strong and consistent shape.

What are the Versi-hub connectors made from?

Our Poly-Hub kits are meant for temporary structures and have not been evaluated by structural engineers for certification and subsequent use in permanent structures like a dwelling. The Versi-Hub has undergone significant analysis and testing to prove it is unmatched in producing a timber dome for any use. If your application requires a structural stamp, Natural Frequency can assist as these are completed on a case by case basis.

What sorts of pipes can be used with the Poly-Hub Pipe kits?

The Versi-hub series connectors are created from high strength carbon steel. A combination of metal fabrication methods are used to create a consistent part every time. The steel is all finished with a high performance powder-coat paint to protect the steel from corrosion

What are the lengths of boards or pipes needed for a certain dome diameter?

We have two sizes of Poly-Hub Pipe Kits and both are designed for Schedule 40/80 pipe. Based on this, the 1-1/4" and 2" kits we offer, this corresponds to a 1-5/8"" pipe outer diameter or a 2-3/8" pipe outer diameter. Both are readily available in PVC and Steel at your local hardware store. 

Geodesic domes are inherently scalable, so our connector design takes advantage of this and with a given set of strut lengths can be constructed into any size dome structure. Our assembly manuals contain tables for determining these strut lengths based on a range of diameters in one food increments.

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